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Diamond saw blade

Release Time:2023-04-27 09:31:48

(4) grinding force effect, temperature effect and damage

Diamond circular saw blade in the process of cutting stone, will be affected by centrifugal force, sawing force, cutting heat, etc. The effect of cyclic loading. Due to force effect and temperature effect of diamond circular saw blade grinding damage.

Force effect: in the process of sawing, saw blade by the effect of axial force and tangential force. Due to the action in the circumferential direction and the radial force, make the saw blade in axial wave shaped, the radial disk. Both deformation caused by rock section is not flat, stone material waste, noise and vibration when cutting more intensified, which reduces the diamond agglomerate early damage and blade life.

Temperature effect: traditional theory is that: the influence of temperature on the saw blade process is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is diamond graphitization of agglomeration of; 2 it is Wilson of diamond and matrix thermal force premature loss caused by diamond grains. New research shows that: in the process of cutting the heat generated by the main incoming agglomerate. Arc temperature is not high, generally between 40 ~ 120 ℃. And the abrasive grinding temperature is higher, generally between 250 ~ 700 ℃. Only reduce the arc area and coolant average temperature, the impact on the particle temperature is small. That not make the graphite carbonization temperature, however, can make the friction between abrasive grain and workpiece properties change, and thermal stress occurred between diamond and additives, and to have led to the failure mechanism of diamond radically bending. Research shows that temperature effect is the biggest influence factor to saw blade damage.

Effect of grinding damage: due to the force and temperature is should, saw blades after a period of use tend to generate ground broken. Grinding damage form basically has the following kinds: abrasive wear, fragmentations, large crushing, fall off, binder along the direction of the cutting speed mechanical abrasion. Abrasive wear: diamond particles with a constant friction, edge passivation into plane, loss of cutting performance, increase the friction. Cutting heat can make the diamond particle surface graphitization thin layer, the hardness is greatly reduced, increase the wear: diamond particles surface under alternating thermal stress, as well as cutting under alternating stress, fatigue cracks will occur and local breakage and show new sharp edge, is the ideal wear form; Large crushing: diamond particles under impact load, when cut to cut out the prominent particle and grain early to consume; Loss: alternating cutting force makes the diamond grains in the binder was shaking and loose. At the same time, the bond itself in the process of cutting wear and cutting heat to soften binder. That makes the holding of the binder force decreased, when the cutting force is greater than the holding force on the particles, the diamond particles will fall off. No matter which kind of wear and tear with diamond grains on the load and temperature are closely related. And both depends on Cheng cutting process and the cooling lubrication conditions.


(5) diamond saw blade manufacturing methods

With the rapid development of automobile, aviation and space technology, higher requirements on the material properties and the processing technology. New materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic, particle reinforced metal matrix composites (PRMMC) and ceramic materials widely used. The material has high strength, good abrasion resistance, and the characteristics of small thermal expansion coefficient, which determine the machining on them when the cutting tool's life is very short. Development of new type of wear-resisting and stable superhard cutting tool is that many colleges and universities, research institutes and enterprise research topic. Diamond collection of mechanics, optics, thermology, acoustics, optics, and many other excellent performance, high hardness, low friction coefficient, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and chemical inertness, is an ideal material to manufacture cutting tools.


Range of application

(1) difficult processing non-ferrous metal materials processing. Processing of copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, materials easy adhesion cutting tools, processing difficult. Using diamond low friction coefficient, low affinity and non-ferrous metal, the characteristics of diamond tool which can effectively prevent metal bonding with knives. In addition, because of the large diamond modulus of elasticity, when the cutting blade is small deformation, on the cutting non-ferrous metal extrusion deformation is small, it can complete cutting process under small deformation, and thus can improve the machining surface quality.

(2) the hard processing of non-metallic materials processing. Contains a large amount of high hardness particle difficult machining non-metallic materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, silicon, hard carbon fiber/epoxy resin composite material, the hard point of material to make the tool wear serious, with carbide cutting tools are difficult to machining, and the diamond tool high hardness, good wear resistance, so the machining efficiency is high.

(3) the ultra precision machining. With the advent of modern integration technology, machining to develop in the direction of high precision, and puts forward very high requirements on tool performance. Because the diamond small friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, can cut a very thin chip, chip flow, easily with other substances affinity is small, not easy to produce the devolop tumor, calorific value is small, high thermal conductivity, can avoid heat influence on the blade and artifacts, so the blade is not easy to passivation, cutting deformation is small, high quality surface can be obtained.

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