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Organizational structure

The human resources department1, the performance appraisal system and effective implementation of assessment, applies a system of rewards and punishments and clear2, enterprise culture training plan (monthly and annual), and the related personnel training and assessment3, to assist in recruitment related department, effectively and timely supply talent4, provide a clear, concise, and easy access to human resource filesTechnical services1, model management and model of preparation, adhesive, process validation.2, adhesive model provides the guests to visit and enhance customer confidence.3, cooperate with big clients do combinational visits, enhancing business competitiveness.4, training and guidance to customers and internal employees.Customer service department1, responsible for customer order processing and order review of organization and arrangement, summary of account processing2, responsible for the sales statistics and sorting archiving, follow up each department turnover3, develop and archive the quotation, product information, customer details follow up table, customer feedback records4, responsible for quotation, follow up and old customers, develop new customersThe information sending and receiving department1, make sample follow up table, archiving and easy to find, assist salesman quickly handle business orders2, telephone YaoFang contact customers a week at least 30, to set up the top 500 electronic enterprises and the detailed information3, the companys web site construction, network maintenance, website promotion, product information release


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Goke German Precision Tool Co., LTD. Address: No. 38, Kuixing Avenue, Dongsheng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China Postcode: 528400 Tel: 0760-22187858 Fax: 0760-22187859