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Diego inadvertently new development under the new situation

Release Time:2023-04-27 09:37:58

Diego company after years of exploration development, now the production is given priority to with carbide saw blade, products are woodworking circular saw blades, aluminum blades, acrylic saw blade, etc., can cut wood, aluminum material, stone, ceramic, plastic, etc. Company product sales based in guangdong province, after years of efforts, the sales increase steadily.

In the face of the cutting tool industry of the new situation, the company made a new market strategy deployment: first of all, the products to the high-end market development, completes the carbide saw blade at the same time, increase of hard alloy saw blade research, meet the requirements of other high-end customers, also with the needs of the company's new sales strategy. Second, sales at the same time, on the basis of the guangdong province began to gradually expand the national market, even the foreign market; On the basis of carbide saw blade, focus on increasing sales of hard alloy saw blade, cutting tool industry high-end market for occupation.

Diego company with products and marketing combination, promote the strategy of developing the company's development space, the company is under high-speed development, welcome the masses of customers.

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